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Top 20 Twitter (X) Custom GPTs With 400 Example Prompts

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1️⃣ Top 20 Twitter (X) Custom GPTs - Free!

Take your Twitter game to the next level with the Top 20 Twitter (X) Custom GPTs. This comprehensive Google Sheet is packed with the best custom GPTs that you can use to crush Twitter (X) marketing, content creation, and Twitter engagement. You can use these Custom GPTs to write:

  • Get Engaging Twitter (X) Content Ideas: Generate captivating content ideas that embody themes of ambition and high status, ideal for business leaders and influencers.
  • Come Up With Attention-Grabbing Twitter (X) Thread Hooks: Create compelling Twitter thread hooks that resonate with your audience, weaving in trending topics and tailored content.
  • Get Twitter (X) Algorithm Insights: Delve into the workings of Twitter's recommendation algorithm, gaining strategic insights to optimize your Twitter marketing.
  • Write Engaging Twitter Threads: Transform your thoughts into engaging, share-worthy Twitter threads that magnetize likes and retweets.
  • Create Viral Twitter Content: Learn how to produce tweets and threads that have a high potential to go viral, resonating with a broad audience.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg. Each tool within this resource is specifically designed to elevate your presence on Twitter, whether you're looking to enhance engagement, boost your brand, or simply dominate the Twitter landscape.

2️⃣ 400+ ChatGPT Prompts Upgrade - Only $7

Elevate your Twitter game with 400 Twitter Custom GPT Prompts. Get 20 example prompts for each of the 20 custom GPTs, totaling over 400 prompts.

These 400 Twitter Custom GPT Prompts are available for just $7.

3️⃣ Social Media Marketing Custom GPT Library - Special Offer $27 (Valued at $49)

10X your social media marketing with our Social Media Marketing Custom GPT library:

  • 20 Twitter (X) GPTs With 400 Example Prompts
  • 24 TikTok GPTs & 480 Prompts
  • 16 Facebook Ads Custom GPT & 320 Prompts
  • 25 LinkedIn GPT & 500 Prompts
  • 26 Instagram GPT & 520 Prompts
  • 51 YouTube GPT & 1020 Prompts
  • 16 Organic Facebook Custom GPTs & 320 Prompts
  • Over 3400 example prompts across all social media platforms.

Grab this comprehensive package, valued at $49, now for just $27!

4️⃣ Ultimate Social Media ChatGPT Bundle - Ultimate Offer $47 (Total Value: $147)

Our most extensive offering yet, this bundle includes:

  • Everything in the second upgrade
  • Advanced Social Media ChatGPT Prompt Library (400+ Advanced ChatGPT Prompts - Works Without GPTs)
  • ChatGPT Plugin Database With Over 11,000+ ChatGPT Plugin Prompts.

Get all these invaluable resources, worth $147, for a one-time offer of $47!

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Top 20 Twitter (X) Custom GPTs With 400 Example Prompts

3 ratings
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